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Ice cream is one of the most popular desserts, mainly because everyone loves a good scoop of their favourite flavours, you can add lots of toppings, and most of all, because it is refreshing on a hot day. This creamy treat is near irresistible

Need to rent an ice cream machine in Southampton? Luna’s premium ice cream machine rental service from £75 per week + vat. An engineer will attend site approximately every 10 weeks to carry out machine service, cleaning and sterilisation. With a high capacity (350 portions per hour) and firm consistency, we can offer your customers or guests a delicious soft ice cream experience! Looking for a self-service machine? No worries, we have unique self-service machines in stock!

Creamy soft-serve ice cream is always perfect for those hot summer’s days strolling through Southampton.

Rent one of our ice cream machines in Southampton today to draw in the crowd.

You want to serve your customers quickly and smoothly. That’s why we equipped our commercial ice cream machines with the self-pasteurising system and the highest possible level of operation. Furthermore, the Lunamil machines are quick and easy to maintain and cleaning is only required once ever eight weeks. This means that a good performance is assured, even at peak times.

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