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Introducing an iced coffee machine to your business can be a game-changer. It taps into a growing trend of chilled coffee beverages, appealing to a wide demographic of customers seeking refreshing alternatives. The versatility of an iced coffee machine allows for a diverse menu, accommodating various flavours and customizations to cater to individual preferences. This addition not only expands your beverage offerings but also enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty. Moreover, with the right marketing and presentation, it can be a unique selling point, setting your establishment apart in a competitive market. So, investing in an iced coffee machine not only keeps your patrons cool and content but also boosts your business’s appeal and profitability.

With our revolutionary mini dispenser, you can gain access to new market segments. If you only have a small amount of space for an iced coffee machine, we have the perfect solution. This equipment is small and lightweight, ideal for small sales volumes. 

We offer a beautiful medium model which is available in either a black or white colour scheme that features a plastic frame, steel side panels and a 2-litre bowl. You can choose between the single or double barrel/tap configuration, both of which are extremely easy to clean and highly efficient. The cutting-edge dispenser is ideal for creams and other chilled products.

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For nearly 30 years we have been established in the UK and we have numerous patents as well as “COMPASS” and “BRC” approval. Our coffee machines are the best on the market as they are the result of excellent engineering skills and food technology. The machines we produce require no daily maintenance and the functions are easy to operate, with full training and refresher courses offered by our skilled consultants to your staff.

We offer competitively priced, premium ice coffee machines for purchase with a wide range of flexible finance options available to suit any budget.

Luna also has Ice Cream, Milk Shake, and Slush,  machines available to purchase.