Luna’s milk shake machine rental service includes full staff training and all service parts

Opting for our milkshake machine rental service comes with a host of advantages. There’s no need for a substantial initial investment, and service costs are included. With fixed lease payments, managing your budget and projections becomes straightforward, and we’ve got all the support you’ll ever need.

No matter the duration of your rental, our proficient engineers will ensure seamless operation through regular maintenance, cleaning, and sterilisation. Renting a milkshake machine presents a flexible alternative to purchasing, liberating you from budget constraints and large upfront expenses.

You’ll be up and running with your new equipment in no time. Throughout the rental period, a team of seasoned industry professionals will oversee the care of your milkshake machine. Should you require any assistance, Luna’s engineers stand ready to address any unlikely issues; service parts are encompassed within the weekly fee.

The minimum term for rental is 1 month and after that you can cancel if or when needed. If you want to continue to rent the machine you can, or you can look to purchase the machine if you prefer.

Call 01702 662 795 to speak to our team of milkshake machine rental specialists

Our high-capacity milkshake machines promise consistent quality, even during peak hours, and they can dispense 120 x 300ml cups of shake per hour, with a unique syrup dispensing system that means you can offer your customers a total of four different delicious flavors.

To arrange a milkshake machine rental for your business, get in touch with Luna and we will expertly handle delivery, installation, connection, and servicing to ensure a smooth, hassle-free experience.

Call 01702 662 795 to speak to our team of milkshake machine rental specialists

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