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iced coffee

Iced coffees are growing in popularity very quickly especially within London, with Luna’s premium iced coffee machine your business could join in with the newest trends and increase your business’ turnover!An iced coffee machine will be extremely beneficial to your business especially within the summer months in London when iced coffees are at their most popular.

You are able to rent an iced coffee machine in London for a long or short duration of months and also will have a professional engineer sent out every 10 weeks approximately to ensure your machine will be running the best of its capabilities.

London is known for the amount of tourism they receive and our machines are also very well known around London so a Luna iced coffee machine will be an asset to have around.

Rent one of our Iced Coffee Machines in London today to keep your customers feeling refreshed!

Only have a small amount of space? No problem! Our Luna iced coffee machine are small and lightweight so in the off season you won’t even notice it being there! You have an option of a single or a double barrel for your machine that we produce in either black or white.Luna’s iced coffee machines are so well known due to our outstanding engineering skills that were used to develop this machine. Don’t miss out!

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