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luna ice cream

Milkshakes never fail to brighten your day. That’s why we say you can never go wrong with these blended beauties.

The LUNA milkshake machine gives you the opportunity to serve a variety of delicious flavours to quench your customer’s thirst. LUNA Shake machines have a small footprint with a huge capacity (15Ltrs), they are incredibly efficient as they can dispense 120 x 300ml cups of shake per hour! great for summer when you want to keep up with the rush of customers. Being equipped with our own patterned pasteurising system, makes Luna machines the most hygienic and means no daily cleaning of the internals of the machine.

Milkshakes are the perfect treat for those summers days in Southampton, strolling by the port. They guarantee a big smile on the kids faces. Also for the chillier, winter months we have a range of seasonal flavours – an ideal way to celebrate the holiday season!

Rent one of our Luna Milkshake machines to serve your customers pure happiness in a cup

With the unique syrup dispensing system you can offer your customers a total of four different flavours. Chocolate, Banana, Vanilla and Strawberry are our standard flavours, but we can also have seasonal flavours made! Gingerbread, Mint, Chocolate Orange are some of the flavours made.

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